Attention to detail

There is no mistaking the finish of an Aqualine narrow beam, wide beam or dutch barge boat, but it’s only by seeing one for yourself that you will truly appreciate just how impressive they are. It’s the combination of outstanding design, quality materials, hand finishing and an attention to detail that’s second to none – these are the hallmarks of an Aqualine canal boat and the reasons that have made them the pride of the waterways.

Hand inlaid detailing to flooring, sculptured ceiling corbels and decorative handmade hardwood furniture are just some of the features that help create an environment that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical. Even the electrical wiring runs with military precision throughout the boat – it’s an example of Aqualine’s relentless desire to design and build a narrowboat, widebeam and Dutch barge boat to exemplorary standards.

Why not discover the Aqualine difference for yourself by visiting one of The New & Used Boat Co.’s sales marinas where you can talk through your requirements with the friendly team and view an Aqualine canal boat demonstrator or two. Or why not take a virtual tour right now.

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