The idea behind Aqualine was to develop a production-line build process that enabled canal boats – narrow boat, narrowbeam, wide beam and dutch barge boats – to be manufactured with a level of quality that was normally only found in a bespoke-build project, but without the associated price tag.

In order to achieve this Aqualine could leave nothing to chance. With Aqualine everything is carefully planned and analysed. Right from the beginning the engineering design team were not constrained by the way that canal boats – narrow boat, narrowbeam, wide beam and dutch barge boats – were historically built, so they could approach the design of the boat from how things should be done rather than from how they had always been done.

Each new boat design starts life as a ‘virtual boat’ in the form of a CAD drawing, which allows every aspect of the boat to be plotted accurately and precisely – down to the smallest detail. A ‘Finite Element Analysis’ (FEA) can be carried out to verify the distribution of stresses and displacements on the hull are within tolerance, when required. When everything is approved the boat is put through a closely monitored, strict production procedure to ensure that what works on computer translates to something that works on water.

All boats conform to the Recreational Craft Directive and come complete with CE mark, plus a 12 months warranty and extended warranties on many parts.

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