The skill and care that goes into every Aqualine canal boat is second to none, and it is only by seeing one of the narrowboats, widebeams, or Dutch Barge boats for yourself that you will appreciate just how impressive they are.

All hardwood comes from our specially selected suppliers and undergoes a treatment process, before entering the carpentry workshop of the factory to be skillfully transformed into the roofing, flooring and cabinetry. All fixtures and fittings are measured, built and installed to ensure that they perfectly match the requirements of every canal boat design and specification.

It’s only when you step on board an Aqualine canal boat that all this translates into something that speaks for itself. You will struggle to see an exposed screw head, all having been skillfully hidden behind almost invisible dowlings in all of the woodwork – just one example of the lengths Aqualine go to in providing a superb finish.

Overhead, the hardwood tongue and groove ceiling is finished with low voltage halogen spot lights and the roof line edged with corbel detailing. Gunwale strips, which run the length of the boat, give a satisfying visual break to the side panelling. At the same time the fine detailing of the hand-inlaid bandings provides an aesthetically pleasing effect.

It’s the combination of outstanding design executed with carefully chosen materials, hand finishing and an attention to detail, which have become the hallmark of every Aqualine canal boat whether narrowboat, wide beam or Dutch Barge.

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