The Aqualine factories

The Aqualine story started with a vision to build a canal boat (narrow boat, narrowbeam, wide beam and dutch barge) with a bespoke level of craftsmanship at a highly attractive price. The team striving to achieve this weren’t your average boat builders, having a background of engineering and vehicle production expertise as well as extensive bespoke boat building knowledge. Over many months they to put together a series of plans that would revolutionise the way that narrowboats were designed and built.
The first step towards this dream was for Aqualine to set up a factory in one of the most renowned and respected shipbuilding areas in the world – Gdansk, Poland. This production facility gave Aqualine two vital ingredients – a skilled workforce and exceptional quality control. In 2013 Jon Corker, Managing Director of Aqualine, moved the production South East of Gdansk to the historic town of Malbork. Here Aqualine found a factory which enabled them to have additional equipment for the ‘steel’ stage of production such as steel rollers and a guillotine, as well as be able to take the ‘paint’ stage in-house with their own paint facility.

The team in Poland are incredibly proud of both the factory and the build process; a fact proven in offering customers a factory tour through organised factory visits, the cost of which is deducted from your order should you go on to purchase an Aqualine boat. It really is the best way to see the Aqualine difference first hand. Interested in visiting the factory? Then contact us for more information.

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