The beauty of an Aqualine canal boat lies in the sum of its parts. Every ingredient has been sourced and hand-picked for durability as well as for aesthetic appeal. The goal is to provide a range of canal boats (narrowbeam, narrow boat, widebeam and Dutch Barge) that captures that ‘wow’ factor whilst withstanding all the rigours of modern day waterways life.

The shell is constructed from high grade steel and the finished hull of the narrowbeam, narrow boat, wide beam and Dutch Barge boats are further enhanced by being coated with an epoxy primer and a polyurethane paint system to give a deep finish that is both tough and long lasting.

The interior is sprayfoam insulated then fitted and lined with a choice of hardwood – oak, ash, beech and maple – all of which are specially selected for consistency and stability. This hardwood is an attractive feature of the handmade roof, floor, doors and cabinetry.

Then there are the finishing touches – the galley and bathroom units are finished with a choice of granite or hardwood – for durability. Tiles, hardwood flooring and carpet all provide a mix of practicality, style and luxury underfoot.

All component parts such as inverters, engines and the central heating are from leading UK suppliers. Taps, sinks, toilets, showers, light switches – the list is almost endless – are all chosen on the same unrelenting criteria of contemporary design, function and quality. With an Aqualine you can be forgiven for sometimes forgetting that you are actually on a canal boat.

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