The Aqualine range of canal boats including narrow beam, narrow boat, widebeam and dutch barge boats has been created to suit a wide range of requirements. Whether the canal barge is to be used for recreational cruising, seasonal accommodation or year-round living, the variety of Aqualine versions and layouts, will satisfy most needs.

A great deal of care has gone into their design, utilising the most effective CAD technology to make the best use of available space. The choice of interior designs means that different priorities can be catered for – sleeping facilities for guests or children, more privacy, an extra toilet – depending on the version chosen these are all areas that are covered, some as standard, some as an optional extra.

This kind of choice and versatility exemplifies the Aqualine philosophy of achieving a narrow, wide or dutch barge boat as close to bespoke quality as possible, whilst still offering all the advantages of cost and availability of a production model.

Flexibility is just one of the advantages to the Aqualine range. Amongst the many options available to you is that you can increase your chosen model up to 70ft length in 1ft stages. This could be to accommodate an extra bedroom, give you extra space or meet a mooring restriction.

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