Why choose a widebeam

The question first has to be what do you want from your boat, that should help determine whether you need a narrow beam or a wide beam canal boat. If you’re new to the canal boat world your first step should be to get aboard a narrowbeam and a widebeam boat to understand the differences. If you have a little more knowledge on such matters then you’re probably be more familiar with the benefits a widebeam has to offer.

The immediate difference is obviously more width, an Aqualine gives you a choice of 10, 11 or 12ft beams, and whilst we’re only talking a matter of inches, it’s surprising the difference this can make. This extra space gives more room to incorporate more home comforts like better storage in the bedroom, a double bed with space either side, a full sized bath in the bathroom, a bigger galley with more room for appliances – the list is almost endless.

In fact it’s fair to say that there’s more space generally, everwhere, which makes living a little less compromised and a widebeam the perfect vessel for residential use. What’s more with an Aqualine canal boat, life is even less compromised as you can decide on just how you want to use the space that’s available with a wide beam. You can re-arrange the layout to incorporate more space in one or more rooms, add another bedroom or two or even increase the length in 1ft increments up to 70ft – all this and more is possible with an Aqualine widebeam canal barge.

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